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Pathology Residency Program - Valid for 24 months

₹ 18900.00

Upgrade from one year pack


Price of the course will change on adding more contents. This course includes for now

  • 100 Hours of robbins based lectures
  • Grossing module as per CAP/RC Path guidelines
  • Exam cases - 100 (Videos with DD and viva points)
  • Technique module
  • Breast pathology lectures
  • Histology videos - 33 organ systems 
  • Patho_pearls

To be added in next 4-6 months. Final price post adding all contents - Rs.21000 + GST (for students who have purchased, NEED NOT PAY EXTRA)

  • Every chapter with basic histology
  • Every chapter with categorisation of lesions
  • WHO updates of organ systems
  • MCQ for FRCPath and NEET SS