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Apr 18, 2024

Updating WHO of every 4 years is very difficult., but we have got you covered. Updating all the important changes in WHO 5th.  along with lectures. Did you know WHO5th has let go of the term B - PLL ?Do not miss out the lectures and notes - Enroll to any of the below courses to get access along with digital slides12 month course. - Click here to purchase 24 months  Click here to purchase36 months   Click here to purchaseEGPG - valid till dec 2024 -  Click here to buy !! 

Apr 17, 2024

Dear students., If you an user of EGPG and since you have trusted us in the process -  we have got something great for you all especially. You get Rs.10000/- off on any upgrade you want to do.  You can click on any residency program and update it.And 25,000 rs off/- on lifetime subscription upgrade. - Connect with us for lifetime membership

Apr 17, 2024

It's tough to keep track of the all changes in WHO., but now it's easy for #pathocubs Started the WBC neoplasm discussion -  added a video on Tumour like conditions - as per WHO5thReactive B-cell-rich lymphoid proliferations that can mimic lymphoma Progressive transformation of germinal centresInfectious mononucleosis - biopsy and downey cells IgG4-related disease Available for all subscribers. Enrol to any of the course and get access 12 months residency program -Click here to purchase 24 months (Valid 24+1 month) Click here to purchase36 months (36+1 month)  Click here to purchaseEGPG - valid till dec 2024 -  Click here to buy !!  All the above with classical real life cases and notes