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Sep 22, 2023

Yesterday alone 450 slides were seen in pathocubs app, consuming 138 GB of data ! This is the personal high of the pathocubs app., slides were viewed from users majorly of India, other random views from UAE, Brazil, Spain, UK, Australia ! never expected a humble start of pathocubs as a destination for PG Residents will reach beyond India !The haematology digital slides course will be removed from October middle, going forward it will be available only for users of RC Path., If you an existing user of the #pathocubs - get access to the Hematology slides at 3499/- before that. !RC Pathology course - Click here to buy Digital slides upgrade -  Get access to the slide section, videos, notes  -  Click here to purchase

Sep 21, 2023

Feedbacks - these words make the entire team happy for the work we have put. Dr. Nameera Saleem - Hello, thanks for the updated hematology slides! Quite a useful resource. Also, happy to see that the mindmaps were promptly added 👍🏼Dr. Vijay -  Very interesting modules to learn back from the basics., thanks for bringing international speakers  - Consultant PathologistDr. Sudharsan - I have watched malaria course in RC path certificate course sir. It is very nice and useful sir -  Resident PathologistDr. Abhishek Rathore - Very useful set of digital slides, this is the complete set of SLIDES i have seen in a long time, thank you for the videos as well - SR, Pathology If you are someone who is interested in learning hematology - RC Patho course is the best one. Get lectures -  from basics to advancedGet CPD certificates on completionGet - Hemat set of digital slides and video explanation  Purchase the course to get access to all - Click here to buy 

Sep 19, 2023

#ranjithar #pathocubs  What is your diagnosis ?? Added a description video of the slides under hematology slide discussion and also a short notes on the topic.  The best way to learn pathology is to see cases. I hope the hemat slides and videos regarding the same will help you understand how to view slides, important points to note and also under notes will help in theory exams !The digital slide is an EXACT SLIDE from ASH image bank source. The goal of pathocubs is to bring the best to you at a fraction of cost. !Get access to the slide section -  Click here to purchase