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Published on Jul 3, 2021
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Yesterdays answer - Ponatinib, the line of therapy in individuals with T315I mutation in CML

A 12-hour-old female newborn with ambiguous genitalia is under evaluation in the newborn nursery. She was born after an uncomplicated full-term pregnancy, and the mother was not taking any medications other than prenatal vitamins. The provider examines the baby and notes a phallus which is 2 cm in stretched length, a 1 mm orifice at the base of the phallus, no visible vaginal opening, and no palpable gonads are present. The rest of the physical examination is unremarkable. Which of the following enzyme levels is most likely to be elevated in this patient?

1. 17-hydroxyprogesterone
2. 17-hydroxypregnenolone
3. Dehydroepiandrosterone
4. Deoxycorticosterone

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