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Published on Jan 14, 2023
Good morning !

We do not have many things in our control, your exam dates, syllabus, the outcome and many more things. But still we worry about them a lot. But we all have one thing in our control which we never acknowledge !

The work we put today ! yes, the only thing under your control everyday is how you are going to plan your day and execute it ! It's today in your control, everyday every single day. Plan it as per your priorities and do it as you want - The outcome of everything is based on the work one does !

Remember, the planning everyday need not be carrier oriented. Taking a proper rest and discussing with your friends, family about random things also is planing ! Just do the thing what you need, rest will fall in place !

So a bright morning to everyone plan and do things as per your priorities ! Good morning Pathocubs. 

Today's plan of mine. - to watch a movie, go out and to add few more grossing modules for PG's - Get access to them here, for UG's lecture series of Robbins can also be accessed via this  - Subsscribe