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Published on Feb 14, 2024
Structured EGPG Course

Structured course for EGPGs with daily guidance - Starting by monday - Course duration 4-5 months. (Goal to ace MD/DNB Exams)

This course will have content added on a daily basis only. This is a structured course with a final finshline to ace your exams. Every morning will be giving you a schedule to prepare. 
- A topic on General pathology
- A topic on hematology 
- A topic on Cytology/ Histopathology 

For all the above video lectures will be added along with notes every day -  Study duration 2-3 hours max
- A Grossing/ Technique/Autopsy discussion - Video lectures will be added
- 5 exam cases every day - Along with digital slides and notes and videos if slides not annotated

At night - Exam/Quiz on that days topic

Revise or do the left overs on saturday and relax on a sunday ! Goal - in 4-5 months -  200 + hours of learning videos, 400 + exam slides, 1000+ mcq assessments !! 

We are slashing the price for EGPG course - Rs. 4999/-  + GST - Enroll before monday to avail the early bird

NOTE : Existing users will have a tab for EGPG, need not purchase anything extra !